Smart Crowd Management

Manage your customers effectively & enhance guest experience.

Easy-to-use & interactive dashboards

Get a full overview of your store and offer a personalized experience to each customer.

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What is Reserva?

Reserva is a fully automatic booking system by eWards that lets you effectively manage queues and control crowds at your store. Built for businesses still implementing old-school methods of managing physical guest lists, this automated booking system allows easier management of your guests whilst maintaining personalized communication networks with them. 


Eliminate concerns related to managing footfall. Acquire booking lists ahead of time through multiple reservation channels.

Manage Crowds Efficiently

Manage your clientele effectively with prior knowledge about bookings.

360-degree view
of your store

Monitor all store operations through interactive dashboards and get a 360 degree view of your outlet at all times.

Easy-to-use dashboards

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Why Choose Reserva?

‣ Get deep Insights & a full view of your in-store customers.

‣ Manage your guests  efficiently & maintain touch-points   

‣ Easy-to-use and highly interactive dashboard that don’t require re-training .

‣ Customizable booking modifications, send pre- and post-visit messages to customers.

‣ Take orders, settle bills & maintain touch-points with your guests easily.

What can you do with Reserva?

Upgrade your check-in process now & switch to Reserva!